Thursday, February 20, 2014

Progress Report!

I’ve had a really good week. 

My eyebrows are actually looking like eyebrows.  I get up in the morning and think I still have makeup on!  It’s the craziest thing!!!

Here is my theory….totally uneducated….

As they grow, they get more deeply routed so it is actually more difficult to pull them.  When I am totally stressing out (yesterday) I feel them.  I lightly “pull” on them.   Not to actually pull them out, but just to feel how long they are.            To feel how many there are actually are. There are still spots that are sort of sparse and sporadic, so I don’t like looking super close in a mirror.  That makes me feel like I’m doing a bad job….because I can see every blank spot.  I can see that they aren’t even, and it bothers me.  It’s an interesting adjustment for “putting on my eyebrows” now.

Makeup Application

Before: it was totally drawing them on 100% - it was easy, but took a while. Well, easy most of the time. Sometimes I couldn’t get the inside point to look the same and naturally, the more I tried to get them to match, the more I would screw it up.  Of course, I could see that they weren’t exactly the same, even though I was probably the only one. I really had to learn to stop messing with them. Put them on and be done…even if they aren’t “perfect”

Now:  It’s like a whole new learning process. You would think it would be easier (and it is) but it’s a whole new game of trying to get them to match.  The right eyebrow is where I went a little pull crazy a few weeks ago…so I still have that bald spot on the end. So I start there…I have to actually put some color there first.  Then, the bottom middle of the right has a tiny little empty spot that where the left one has hair.  So, I have to try and put just a little color there, but not too low and not too much.  It’s like I’m trying to fill what just one or two individual hairs would.  And then the same on top.  There is one little “not as full” spot.  Then I have to try and make the fronts match. This is harder WITH hair than it was without.  One comes to more of a point that the other.  The other is more “rounded.” I think there is about the same amount of hair there, but they are, like, totally different!!!!! Talk about driving a girl insane! Then becomes the same problem as before, don’t keep trying because it just makes it worse.  If I keep adding more makeup, it just makes them thicker and thicker…and that just doesn’t look good at all!  LOL!  Now I seriously use 3 different brushes. One for the end, one for the tiny little spots and one for the total fill in across.   

I try not to put too much makeup on them now.  I try and just fill in the empty spots and then fill them “in” a little bit (like a normal person would). It’s really hard. I actually HATE how they look.  I feel like the hairs look all wild and wiry once I put makeup on them. There are still spots that there are only 1 or 2 random hairs and then there are still spots that are empty.  It’s like “ok there is hair here now” so you don’t need as much  makeup, but still not enough fullness to make the makeup “not noticeable” and just make the eyebrows look “fuller.”   And of course, there are spots that hair IS growing that a “normal” person would wax (to make it neater) or even “pluck” on their own.  But…..rule #1:  no pulling even for that!  All that would do is send me into a downward spiral again. So…I haven’t pulled any stray hairs at all!  And I am certainly not at the point to go get any kind of waxing done.

I’m laughing in my head right now…that sounds so funny to me!  Me…getting my eyebrows waxed!!!  Hilarious! 

Progress Picture:  Top- I don't know when. Middle: This Morning  Bottom: With Makeup (I should have taken it at home in the same light...I didn't think about it)

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