Sunday, October 25, 2015

None of it works…..until now

I am a Makeup Junkie!

If you know me, you know this. And not because I like to wear a ton of makeup…actually, quite the opposite.  You see, with my Trich, I try and look "normal" - that's my goal. I feel as if i've been searching for that *perfect* brow makeup that looks real, but more importantly, stays on my face. I've tried it all. I've tried pencils, powders, pens, stay proof, water proof, etc.  Of course, I need multiple different *kinds* of tools depending on if I have any eyebrows at the moment or not.  Today, I do. They're about half there.  The front is coming in nicely, the ends….not so much.  So I don't need to "draw" on the front, but I do the ends.  I try and make it look not drawn on…the fronts natural…and yet "blend"  -- oh the fun!

My "eyelashes" …whew…this one is even tougher. I pretty much don't have any.  The "sprouts" I have right now…are more than I have had in 20 something years. (Don't ask me how I've managed to grow them…cause I don't know…it's crazy). Anyway…trying to find a eyeliner that 1. looks natural (please no black) and 2. Stays (this is the tricky part) is pretty much impossible (until now…more about that soon).  So, I've been using Revlon Color Stay for as long as I can remember.  I've tried pretty much every brand there is to try.  People want to talk about their "stay proof, long wear, water proof crap" and guess what….none of it works! You see, what they don't understand is with no eyelashes, there's nothing to KEEP the eyeliner there.  Normal people -- the eyeliner will not run because the eyelashes hold it in place.  Me….I don't care how stay proof it is….because of the oils in my skin, then the warmth and blinking…it runs.  Here's my routine….I put my face makeup on. Then I put on my Revlon Color Stay eyeliner.  Then I smudge it.  Then I put a "setting powder" over it, then I put some Maybelline Gel eyeliner over that! Then…I get to work (15 minutes later) and I have to do the "corner rub" as I'll call it.  It bleeds on the inside and outside corner of my eye. Every.Damn.Day.

But that routine has changed.

Enter Younique.   Yeah…the mascara company that makes (almost) everyones eyelashes look like little spider legs (my humble opinion) ….that one!  Some girl one day said "try our mascara" while I was a vendor event.  and I'm all "blah blah blah…I can't wear mascara….let's please move on"   Well, I don't even remember what happened, but I ended up telling her about my Trich and she showed me her eyeliner and said "this doesn't move"  and i'm all "yeah yeah…that's what they all claim…anyone can show me how it doesn't move on the back of your hand"  (right?!?!)   Anyway…I bought it.  (i'm a sucker, what can I say…still in search of the perfect liner). And if you haven't figured it out by now….IT WORKS!  I was SHOCKED at the fact that this eyeliner actually stays on.  Quite honestly in disbelief.  (and wondering why more of these Y ladies didn't talk about it and only talk about that *mascara* they love).  Anyway…the only thing I didn't like about it was the color I got seemed to be a little to "ruddy" for me…so I ended up getting a second color.   Now here's my routine: Prim eyeliner from Younique….done! No smudging. No powdering to set. And i'm out! And then…I get home from work, and I look the same (as long as I don't pull and rub it off…it isn't concrete people). And the best part is, it isn't super dark, so it just looks NATURAL.  I can add some depth with a darker color if I want…but for an every day look…. it's like a light brown.

What about the brows:  Younique just came out with a brow gel. I own it! It's amazing.  Yes, I need to put a little sumpin' sumpin' on the ends because there's nothing there, but all I put on now is this brow gel. I don't even know that it's a gel.  It doesn't seem "gel-ey" but anyway.   It's this little tube with like a mini mascara wand…and it's PERFECT.   I look in the mirror and still startle myself that those are MY eyebrows…nothing is DRAWN on anymore.  (well, you know, until my next relapse…. but for now i'm doing good). Next thing I want in my arsenal is their eyebrow pencil. I imagine it will match the shade of the gel nicely, and so if I do have a "bald" spot (or for the ends) I can use that, and then cover with gel and it will blend.

So….that's my PSA of the day. Younique is amazing. Here's a picture of me today. I put my makeup on 3 hours ago or so…and I haven't touched it…and no runs!

Now here's the crazy part! I know what the struggle is to find a makeup that works. That stays. That looks "natural."  I am sooo passionate about trich: understanding it, overcoming it, dealing with it, and trying to be "normal" in a world where looks are prominent….That I have decided to become a Y lady….and try to spread the word to other trichsters.  This decision has not come lightly, as I'm sure many of you know I am a Director with Thirty-One. I've thought long and hard that I didn't want people to think I was "that" girl….constantly peddling something. But I want to spread the word to others that might suffer from the same insecurities as I do. I want people to gain a knowledge and understanding of Trich. And I have decided to do this with the one thing we all have in common. Trying to feel normal.  Trying to LOOK normal. And I feel like I can do that thanks to these amazing Younique products.

I am going to create a FB Group: The Trichy Side of Life.  This group will be open to anyone….not just Trichsters. But I want to use it as a resource to share tips and tricks to overcome Trichotillomania and share the love I have found in Younique products. If you are interested in joining … I would love to have you there….to follow my journey!